CampTeck U6867 Waterproof Orienteering Compass Navigation Compass Lanyard for Expedition Map Reading, Camping, Survival

SKU U6867
  • Our pocket compass has a size of: 126mm x 60.5mm x 11.5mm (5” x 2.4” x 0.5”) and weighs only 40g (1.4oz). A lanyard length of 450mm (17.5”)
  • The map compass has 1:25k, 1:50k, 1:63k precision measuring scales and a magnifying glass for viewing maps in detail
  • Our military compass has a smooth rotating needle dial with both mils and degrees measurements on its bezel
  • The os compass has luminous markings for night use, on both direction, needle points and direction centres
  • Our hiking compass has both mm and inch rulers on opposite edges for determining map distance

The CampTeck plotting compass is perfect for night use with luminous markings on direction, needle and directional centres. The magnetic compass has millimetre and inch rulers on opposite edges for scaling map distances. The travel compass is perfect for orienteering, expedition map reading, survival activities, mountaineering, hiking and scouting activities.

The compass can easily be carried and conveniently brought to hand by use of the attached lanyard, which can be hung around your neck or tied to your wrist. A choice of three precision measuring scales 1:25k, 1:50k and 1:63k and a magnifying glass to see precise detailing on the map and a smooth rotating bezel with both mils and degrees measurements for determining positions.

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