iGadgitz Home U6841 Fridge Magnet Clips (12 Clips) Magnetic Bulldog Clips for Memos, Photos, Coupons, Tickets - Silver

SKU U6841
  • The clip on magnets have a height of 44mm (1.7”), width of 40mm (1.6”), depth of 27mm (1.1”) and weigh only 17g (0.6 oz)
  • The fridge magnets clip and magnet are extremely strong and work together to hold around 100g (3.5oz) of items securely - (around 20 sheets A4)
  • Our clip magnets are ideal for attaching to metal surfaces such as fridges, freezers, metal cabinets, or whiteboards to organise home, office or classrooms
  • Our fridge magnets clips are perfect for displaying photos, coupons, tickets, child’s artwork, reminders, recipes and more
  • Each magnetic notice board clip has a protective soft pad on the magnet surface to prevent damage and scratching to its attached object

The iGadgitz Home magnetic memo clip is a great accessory for any room that has a metal surface to attach it, such as a kitchens, garages, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.; or used to organise your office, workshop or classroom.

The magnet clip is designed to attach quickly to any metal surface, such as fridges, freezers, filing cabinets, whiteboards, containers and more; while being easily to remove with no mess or leaving a sticky residue.

Each magnet has an anti-scratch pad to protect the object being attached, while fitting flush to its surface and preventing it sliding. The magnetic cupboard clips are extremely strong and able to hold items weighing around 100g (3.5oz), ideal for memos, calendars, photos, coupons, tickets, artwork, reminders, recipes, labels, sheet music and more.

Each magnetic cupboard clip pack comes with 12 clips, enough to utilise in any situation.

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