CampTeck U6839 Adjustable Chest Strap for Backpack and Rucksacks - Hiking, Running, Outdoor activities - Black

SKU U6839
EAN: 5055644848957
  • The Sternum Strap length is adjustable from 10cm (4”) at its tightest to 60cm (23.5”) when fully extended, with a strap width of 2.5cm (1”).
  • The sternum strap backpack harness is easy to attach, simply loop the strap around your shoulder strap and tie securely using the tightening sliding lock buckles.
  • The backpack chest strap has a quick release clip, easy to unclip when removing your pack, or re-clipping when needing to secure again.
  • The chest belt comes with two plastic D-rings on each side for attaching light accessories like sunglasses, pouches or items attached by small carabiners.
  • The rucksack chest strap is made from strong and durable nylon, both portable and light weight and easy to wipe clean.

The CampTeck chest belt strap is designed to be easy to use, with a quick release clip and attaching loop and sliding buckles, strong and durable nylon with d rings for attaching accessories to make your hike, run, outdoor activity or even carrying shopping or heavy contents easier.

The rucksack chest strap replacement helps to keep your shoulder straps in place when walking with your backpack freeing your hands to carry out more important tasks.

It also helps to distribute the weight evenly on each side of the shoulder strap making it more secure when moving energetically or carrying heavier contents.

Our chest strap for rucksack is suitable for both women and men, including larger chests. May not be suitable for smaller children.

Warning The D-Rings are not designed to hold weight bearing carabiners, or used in a climbing situation, only light accessories can be attached safely, as their intended use.

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