CampTeck Wrist Supports Weightlifting Adjustable Wrist Wraps for Bodybuilding - One Size Fits All, Black & Red - 1 Pair

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SKU U6832
  • Wrist support strap with elastic thump loop for quick wrapping
  • Made from high quality cotton with hook & loop fastener
  • One size fits all. Adjustable length 52cm (L) x 8cm / 20.47" (L) x 3.1"
  • Gym wrist support sold in pairs, hand and washing machine washable.
  • Helps support and protect your wrists whilst doing exercising, weight lifting, bench press etc
  • The CampTeck weight lifting wrist strap is perfect for supporting your wrists and gives you a better grip while bench pressing, deadlifting and other weightlifting exercises

    The gym wrist wraps are made from durable cotton, and feature an elastic thumb loop and long hook & loop fastener

    On size fits all. Ideal for various exercise such as bodybuilding, strength training, strongman, powerlifting and weightlifting

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