CampTeck U6829 Microfibre Yoga Towel for Yoga Mat (184x62cm) Non Slip Yoga Towel for Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga & Power Yoga with Carrying Bag – Blue

SKU U6829
  • 184 x 62cm (72.5 x 24.5 inches) yoga gym towel fits regular standard yoga mats of 183 x 61cm (72 x 25 inches).
  • Anti slip yoga towel corner pockets fit over the edges of your Yoga Mat to keep it securely in place.
  • The travel yoga towel can be used on shorter Mats, use the pockets at one end, while folding the excess underneath the opposite end of the mat to hold in place.
  • The yoga microfibre towel is soft under yours hands and feet while keeping you dry and protecting your yoga mat from sweat during exercise.
  • After use the yoga sweat towel is fully machine washable and quick drying.

Stop carrying around a bulky mat and bring your own CampTeck hot yoga towel to place over the studio or gym mat that will prevent contact with germs and possible un-hygienic surfaces.

Prolongs the life of your own Yoga mat, or when borrowing a mat can help you focus on your class, rather than worrying about the condition, dirt and germs.

The hot yoga towel non slip is also ideal for Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga and other Yoga practitioners.

Comes with a convenient carry bag, easily foldable and compact making it portable and lightweight, perfect for you to carry to your class, gym, travel and more.

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