CampTeck Yoga Pilates Ball PVC Anti Burst 23cm Pilates Ball for Exercise, Gym, Fitness, Core Training etc – Blue

SKU U6812
  • Made of REACH compliant PVC, anti-burst. Only suitable for persons weighing under 130kg/286lbs
  • Pilates exercise ball, easy to inflate and deflate with the hand pump provided
  • Mini exercise ball with anti-slip surface for better grip and easy to clean
  • Portable and light weight, easy to carry around and put in your exercise bag
  • Suitable for yoga, gym, Pilates, core exercise and much more, help to develop strength and stability, ideal for pelvic floor exercises

The CampTeck 9inch pilates ball is the ideal fitness accessory, it helps with pelvic floor exercises and they also provide resistance many strength and rehabilitation exercises

Read the user guide and warning below before use User Guide
Inflate to required size with a maximum circumference of 23 cm/ 9 inches. Ensure the area 1.5m around you is clear of fall/impact hazards.
Ensure area and self are clear of sharp objects. Deflate and reinflate if unable to inflate to require size as material will stretch.

Made of REACH compliant PVC.

This Pilates ball is not suitable for use if pregnant and is not a birthing ball. Not suitable for children. Only suitable for persons weighing under 130kg/286lbs.
It is recommended that you consult a sports professional/trainer before using the equipment. Anyone with underlying health conditions should consult a medical professional before use.

Product is used entirely at user’s own risk and liability.

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