CampTeck Wobble Cushion Inflatable Balance Board with Hand Pump for Core Training, Gym Workouts, Yoga etc – Blue, 32cm

SKU U6765
EAN: 5055644848216
  • LONG-LASTING: wobble balance board made from thick and robust REACH compliant PVC
  • DUAL SURFACES: 2 surface, one with dimples and one with a smoother, slightly bobbled effect.
  • EASY TO INFLATE: supplied with a compact hand pump for quick and easy inflation. Its maximum diameter is about 32cm/12.5 inches
  • VERSATILE: this balance wobble cushion can target a number of muscle groups including the lower back, legs, torso and glutes
  • SUITABILITY: Great for use in the gym or in the office as a back cushion. Ideal for variety of core stability exercises

The CampTeck balance wobble board can be used for standing and balancing exercises. Good for active sitting, muscle strengthening and joint Made form durable and REACH compliant PVC with anti-slip surface.

With 2 nodules surfaces for foot massage and sensory work Includes compact hand pump, so you can start seeing benefits from using the air wobble cushion straight away!

The needle has to be inserted fully for the valve to open and air to enter the wobble cushion.
Apply slight pressure once the needle is in the air hole and you will feel it push beyond the valve into the cavity of the wobble cushion.
Do not fully inflate the cushion -it needs to be half inflated for it to work for its intended purpose.
If you want to deflate it, simply put only the valve to the air hole, and push the air out by press on the cushion.

Product is not for children under 3, pump is not a toy.
Adults use only before commencing exercise, always consult your doctor or therapist.

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