CampTeck 2x Pink Dual Sided Gliding Discs Core Sliders, 10ft Speed Skipping Rope & 4x Latex Resistance Loop Bands

  • The gliding discs are double sided with a fabric side for hard floor surfaces e.g. wood or tile, and plastic side for soft floors such as Carpet or Rug
  • Jump rope with the adjustable, tangle free 3m durable cable length and Steel ball-bearing mechanism ensures a smooth and effortless spin with maximum RPM
  • 5 exercise bands with different level of resistance. Extra Light - 2-4 pounds, Light - 4-8 pounds, Medium - 10-12 pounds, Heavy - 15-20 pounds & Extra Heavy 25-30 pound
  • Training starter kit perfect many exercises such as Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic, Strength Training, Fat Burning Abs Exercise Boxing MMA Training
  • Package include: 2x Core Sliders, 1x Steel Cable Jump Rope and 4x Resistant Loop Bands

Our exercise core sliders are very light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel. Take them to the gym or if it's more time efficient and convenient, stay at home and still get a great home workout in
Use these exercise gliding discs for gym, core strengthening, athletic conditioning, physical therapy, yoga, dance, balance training and more.

This lightning skip rope is the perfect addition to your home gym equipment. Exercise with this alone or create your own custom workout. Reach your performance potential and burn maximum calories.
It has a 360° handle and ball bearing mechanism to create fast, smooth, efficient rotations.

With 5 different levels of resistance you can gradually ease back into exercise or take on progressive training. 1 Yellow (Xtra Light) Band - 1 Green (Light) Band - 1 Blue (Medium) Band - 1 Red (Heavy) Band - 1 Black (X-Heavy) Band
Great for women and men of all fitness levels. Use any band individually or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance for you.
Made from high quality, durable, snap resistant latex. On the inside of each band is a Talc coating to prevent friction burn and ensure comfortable use.
Can be easily transported in the compact storage bag provided, so you can use them wherever and whenever you want

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