CampTeck 51 LED UV Torch 395nm Ultra Violet Flashlight Blacklight Pet Dogs Cats Urine & Stains Detector

SKU U6679
  • UV blacklight torch perfect for revealing dry dog, cat and rodent stains and unfavourable spots that couldn't see with the naked eye
  • Brighter uv torch with focused output: Emits 395nm wavelength with 51 top quality ultraviolet led lights.
  • Switch Mode: ON/OFF. Powered by 3x AA Battery (BATTERY NOT INCLUDED)
  • Easily spot Scorpions, authenticate currency, driver license, passport. Also works on carpets, curtains, furniture, rugs or just about any fabric.
  • Covers larger area without weaken the light. It works best in complete dark environment, the darker it is, the better it works

The CampTeck UV led torch is well built, inexpensive and effective. Perfect for revealing dog, cat and pert stains and smudgy spots that couldn't see with the naked eye.

Easily Spot Scorpions, authenticate currency, official identification cards, Passports. With it you can find fluorescent whitening Agent contained in baby clothes or your cosmetics, ensuring safe from fluorescent agent.

Towards the items that contain no fluorescent whitening agent, the blacklight will show purple light, it will show blue light.

1. Please confirm whether the batteries with correct polarity are installed correctly;
2. The black light UV flashlight will NOT fluoresce WET urine puddles or potty pads;
3. It works best in complete dark environment, the darker it is, and the better it works;
4. For few dark colour carpets, the reflected stain colour may be very close to the colour of the carpet, making it harder to see.

Do not shine directly into eyes
Please keep away from your kids, not toys.

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