iGadgitz Home Pet Grooming Glove Deshedding Brush Pet Hair Remover Mitt for Dog Cat Puppy Kitten (1 Pair)

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  • Grooming glove perfect for all pets and hair lengths, short or long and wet or dry.
  • Made with tested mesh fabric and soft food grade BPA free silicone tips perfect to groom with ease or massage your pet
  • One size fit all. Elastic fabric and adjustable closure also have a split side to make it easier to get the hand in.
  • The silicone pad helps holding the loose fur so that you can neatly pull off the loose hair.
  • Left or Right or a pair available. Suitable for all type of cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, chinchillas and other pets

The iGadgitz Home dog grooming glove with five fingers design give a better massage for your pet, stroke them with the silicone part, relax nervous pets whilst grooming

Ergonomic designed cat grooming glove brush ensures grooming, bathing and massaging for your pets with ease. Free from any materials which could cause skin damage.

The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw away hair after pet grooming. Massage your pets gently with this deshedding glove, which can promote pets' blood circulation and metabolism.

Your lovely pets will enjoy the grooming time, beautiful and healthier

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