CampTeck 5 Digit Resettable Number Combination Bike Lock Heavy Duty Bike Lock cable for Bicycle, Scooters etc.

SKU U6609
  • SECURITY: Bike chain lock with 5 digit numbers passcode with 100,000 combinations possibility providing extra security
  • RESISTANT: Made from strong and durable twisted metal cables with a vinyl coating providing resistance against cut and water
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Design for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters sports equipment gates, fences or tool boxes. Perfect for locking your bike to the tree, railing or rack.
  • EASY TO SETUP: Initial passcode is '00000', reset the passcode by turning the set switch to 90 degrees until it impossible to turn, now set your passcode and turn the set switch back to its original position to lock the passcode.
  • CONVENIENT: Bike combination lock means not having to deal with keys. Supplied with a mounting bracket perfect for transportation

How to set or reset combination code

1.The pre-set code is "00000"
2. Open the lock
3. Turn the knob to the right to 90 degrees (until it impossible to turn)
4.Setup your desired code.
5.Turn the knob to the left to 90 degrees to return to the starting position.
6.Your own code is now set.

NOTE: If you forget your passwords after resetting successfully, you will not open the lock! Take a picture of your pass code, prevents you from forgetting your passcode.

Weight: 328g
Length: 120cm approx.
Material: Stainless Steel Wire
Package Content: 1x Combination Lock Bike, 1x Mounting Holder, 1x User Guide

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