CampTeck Bike Chain Cleaner Cyclone Chain Scrubber Bicycle Machine Chain Brush Cleaning Tool for all Types of Bicycles

SKU U6608
  • Chain cleaner brush suitable for all types of bicycle chain, including multi-speed and single-speed
  • Easy to use. Simply open the cover of the chain cleaning brush, placed it on the chain, close the cover, pour cleaning liquid then hold the chain cleaner handle and turn the pedal
  • 3D designed brush of moderate hardness allows you to clean your bike chain thoroughly
  • Large residue reservoir to prevent redistribution and two step cleaning process to draw metal particles away from chain.
  • Suitable for all types of bike including Mountain Bike, Road, Hybrid, Cruiser, BMX, Folding etc.

Use the CampTeck bike chain brush on your bike chain to quickly and easily remove unwanted dirt and residue to improve the performance of your bike

Easy to Install and Use: No need to remove the chain from the bike, simply open the cover of bike chain brush cleaner, place it on the chain, close the cover, pour the preferred cleaning detergent (not supplied) into the water inlet, hold the chain cleaner handle and turn the pedal to start cleaning, convenient and efficient.

The multiple cog and brush design ensures your chain is cleaned from every angle while the large reservoir captures the residue during cleaning After long used but without cleaning, dirty power transmission bad, prematurely worn, which will affect your bike function; in addition, keeping your bike chain from dirt, which will also make you feel comfortable.

That is why the regular cleaning chain is very important. Don't forget to use the dry cloth wipe the chain, then lubricate your bicycle chain, so that your bicycle chain will not rust. Supplied with a plastic brush and toothbrush scratch

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