CampTeck Muscle Roller Stick Sport Massage Hand Tool for Releasing Cramps, Legs Lactic Acid, Back Tightness Knots

SKU U6577
  • Our self-massage roller stick helps easing muscles pains , knots, cramps and triggers circulation
  • 8 Independent rollers move freely allowing you to apply significant pressure to the targeted areas
  • Rubberized handle grips easy to grip and manipulate, ensuring comfort and stability whilst using the massage stick
  • Perfect for travel - Measures approx. 42cm long which is ideal to carry in your gym bag or suitcase for use on the go.
  • Can be used effectively all over the body including Legs, Hamstring, Calves, Neck, Back, Shoulders and Arms

This CampTeck self-massage tool is ideal for releasing and massaging knots, tight muscles, shin splints and kinks with this muscle stick roller after any body workout without having to wait for your local masseuse.

Enhances blood circulation for immediate relief – Use your muscle massage roller before or after your run, cycle or any fitness to leave your muscles feeling rejuvenated. Faster recovery than foam rollers.

Improves muscle recovery for beginner or elite athletes whether you train in the gym, hotel, park or at your home gym. 8 independent spindles – Use both handles of this muscle roller stick pro and roll on affected areas with preferred pressure to increase blood flow, relax achy joints, stiff muscles and deep tissue tensions.

Recommended by physical and massage therapists – This self-myofascial release is used by thousands to enhance workouts and physical recovery.

Easily break up muscular adhesions or tensions after any exercise to reduce the risk of bigger injuries.

Length: Approx. 42cm
Width: Approx. 4cm
Weight: 312g
Material: Plastic Comes packaged in box which makes it ideal for a gift.

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