CampTeck 3m Speed Skipping Rope Adjustable Steel Cable Jump Rope for Fitness Exercise Boxing MMA Training

SKU U6576
EAN: 5055644846328
  • Effective Cardio Exercise- Use this jumping rope to increase stamina and build agility for intense training. Add into your training routine or use after any workout to increase heart rate.
  • Versatile - With the adjustable, tangle free 3m durable cable length, it can be used by most heights. Whether you are a beginner or elite athlete this adjustable skipping rope is ideal for you.
  • Lightning fast rotation - Steel ball-bearing mechanism ensures a smooth and effortless spin with maximum RPM. The thin handles allow for fine motor control and precision while turning the skipping ropes
  • Full body workout - Ideal for hard-core body conditioning for intense indoors or outdoors cardio workouts with skip rope exercises including double unders, twisters and Ali shuffles.
  • Perfect for travel - Lightweight at 108g and comes in compact carry bag to fit in your gym bag or suitcase to use in the park, gym or hotel room.

This lightning skip rope is the perfect addition to your home gym equipment. Exercise with this alone or create your own custom workout.

Reach your performance potential and burn maximum calories. It has a 360° handle and ball bearing mechanism to create fast, smooth, efficient rotations.

Summary: Length: Maximum 3m with adjustable handles for shorter lengths
Material: Steel wire cable with protective coating and plastic handles

Please Note: Avoid using on abrasive surfaces such as concrete as this may damage the protective coating.

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