iGadgitz Home Orange Flexible Drain Snake / Stick Hair Clog Food Remover Sink Bath Cleaning Tool Auger Type – Pack of 4

SKU U6530
  • De-clog your drains from hair and food with this multi-tooth iGadgitz Home drain snake set.
  • Made of flexible plastic and reaches approx. 42cm (16.5”) below your clogged drain. Handle loop allows you to easily pull it back up through the drain.
  • Unblock any drain system such as kitchen or bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, utility sinks and pipes.
  • Eco-friendly way to declog your slow-moving drains without the use of toxic drain cleaners.
  • Package contains: Pack of 4 Orange Drain Snakes. Each snake can be used multiple times.

This iGadgitz Home drain snake is the perfect way to clear your drains from hair and food.

Material: Plastic
Reaches: Approx. 42cm (16.5”) below your drain
Width: (From end of teeth on each side): Approx. 12mm
Colour: Orange
Package Includes: 4 Drain Snakes in box packaging

How does it work?
Simply hold the loop and insert the snake down your clogged drain. When you pull it back up the tiny hooks will grab hold of any hair clogs and result in a clear pipe.

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