CampTeck 11pcs Elastic Latex Resistance Bands Fitness Resistance Tubes with Handles Anchors Ankle Straps, 5x Heavy Duty Bands

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  • Alternative to free weights - This CampTeck Latex resistance tubes kit is ideal to help with improving / regaining strength, fitness and mobility for all ages.
  • 18 different combinations of tensions up to 100lbs - Yellow (10lbs), Green (15lbs), Red (20lbs), Blue (25lbs), Black (30lbs). Each fitness band measures approx. 156cm from handle to handle - suitable for most adult heights.
  • Soft foam cushioned extra strength handles - This exercise kit provides maximum comfort and aids grip during work outs. Features strengthened metal clips and high tensile double nylon stitched loop connectors.
  • Adjustable Foot ankle straps - With hook and loop closure and metal rings to attach the band's carabiners. Perfect to train legs and glutes.
  • Heavy duty door anchor - Use doors as part of your home gym workout. Foam coated stopper to help protect your door, with double stitched strap for maximum strength and tear resistance.

These CampTeck travel Latex resistance fitness bands are ideal for workouts at home, in the gym, hotel or a park, yoga, pilates, rehabilitation and much more. An alternative to dumbells and barbells, helping to focus your muscles on both the concentric and eccentric ranges of movement.

Exercise with these alone or create your own custom workout with your other home gym equipment like balls, skipping ropes, resistance loop bands etc.

No need for gym gloves when using the foam handles.

Use with a door by hanging over the door with the stopper on the opposite side. Always make sure door is fully closed and secure before use.

Package contains:
2 x Foam handles
2 x Ankle straps
1 x Door anchor attachment
1 x Carrying pouch
1 x Instruction manual with exercise ideas

1 x Yellow band (10 lbs / 4.5kg)
1 x Green band (15 lbs / 6.8kg)
1 x Red band (20 lbs / 9.1kg)
1 x Blue band (25 lbs / 11.3kg)
1 x Black band (30 lbs / 13.6kg)

Each band measures approx. 156cm long from handle to handle.

You can combine different bands together to create 18 different resistance tensions from 10lbs to 100lbs

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