Optix Pro 2x Quick Release Buckle Mount Clips for GoPro Hero5 Black & Session 4 3+ 3 2 1

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SKU U6301
  • The mount allows the GoPro to be quickly installed and removed.
  • Compact portable size, excellent quality and light weight
  • Suitable for all sport DV cameras, such as GoPro, Xiaomi + SJ Series and so on
  • Can connect directly with the waterproof shell and other housing
  • Package contents: 2x Quick Release Buckle

The Optix Pro Quick Release Buckle is designed to attach your go pro to a Chest Harness, Helmet or Adhesive mount.

The vast majority of mount assemblies for the GoPro action cameras fit onto a quick release buckle that will slide straight into a mounting device or self-adhesive mount.

Comes in a pack of 2 great for replacements or even greater for spares to have around.

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