iGadgitz Black Water Resistant Lightweight Neoprene Sports Jogging Gym Armband for Apple iPhone 7 & 8 4.7" with Key Slot

SKU U5537
  • Not suitable for any other Apple iPhone models. Please note that this armband may not fit your phone if it is in a case or cover.
  • iGadgitz stylish design running armband for Apple iPhone 7 & 8 4.7"
  • Custom made from ultra-lightweight neoprene and Lycra fabric for comfort and durability.
  • Headphone tidy to wrap up headphone slack and key slot. Custom home button cut out to access finger print sensor.
  • Fit arm between 25cm -37cm. If your arm is bigger than this you may wish to consider purchasing the iGadgitz Armband Extender Strap.

Unique iGadgitz hybrid armband for the Apple iPhone 7 & 8 4.7" Smartphone.

Made for Perfect Fit
The armband has been carefully design to fit your device perfectly. With two dual sizes slot to adjust the strap length.

Comfort, Style and Durability
Made from lightweight neoprene and Lycra fabric which make the armband stylish, durable and comfortable to wear for long duration. Water-resistant to light rainfall and sweat.

Design Features
Pocket to store your gym padlock key. Access to the devices button and touchscreen for full functionality. Headphone tidy to wrap up headphone slack

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