CampTeck Large (180x80cm) Lightweight and Compact Microfibre Towel for Sports, Gym, Beach, Swimming, Yoga, Camping

SKU U5535
  • Made from high quality microfibre. Soft and gentle for all type of skins
  • The towel is highly absorbent, dries much 4x faster than a regular towel. Machine Washable, Max 40 degrees
  • Perfect for travelling, gym, Pilates, bath, home, holiday etc.
  • Anti-Bacterial properties for odour prevention, Colour: Blue.
  • Come in a small pouch with front pocket to store item such as shower gel

The CampTeck Microfibre towel is versatile, perfect for ravelling, at the gym, for yoga or Pilates, on the beach, camping and trekking or even to use at home!

Made from high quality microfibre and uses a high thread count to ensure it’s soft and gentle for all skins types

It takes up very little space and can be easily stored in a small bag. Quick dry making it the perfect travel towel or gym towel for active people.

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