Optix Pro Car Window Clamp Mount for Cameras, Action Cams, Binoculars, Monoculars, Night Vision Scopes & Telescopes

SKU U5517
  • Heavy duty clamp support with 1/4" screw thread for use on vehicle windows
  • Two-way pan head for convenient adjustment and panning
  • Weighs only 240 grams and can support a maximum load of 3kg.
  • Protective rubber pads on the clamp jaw and pan head.
  • Perfect for animal watching, covert surveillance, safaris, scope photography and much more

The Optix Pro durable clamp is suitable for use on vehicle windows it provides support for spotting scopes, binoculars and photo / video equipment with standard 1/4" screw thread.

Fitted with a 2-way one lever operated pan and tilt head perfect to capture blur-free pictures from the inside of your car

It is ideally suitable for animal watching, ornithology, observations, safaris, scope photography and many other applications.

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