Optix Pro Binocular Metal L Shaped Adapter Mount for Tripods with Dual 1/4 Inch Screw Bolt Thread

SKU U5516
  • Lightweight metal L shape mount adaptor for binoculars.
  • Made of rugged 1/8" thick steel with a glossy finish
  • Thumb wheel bolt for easy tightening to binocular
  • Easy to fit and very strong
  • Twin quarter inch thread connections to tripod, hide clamp or car window mount

The Optix Pro tripod adapter allows you to mount binoculars to a tripod, monopod or window mount. 1/4"" screw thread to binoculars fitted with suitable tripod adapter, socket thumb wheel bolt for easy tightening to binocular.

Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, viewing wildlife, bird-watching and sport events. Made of rugged 1/8"" thick steel with a powder coat finish.

Eliminate image-shake in high-power binoculars with this sturdy L-mount bracket allowing you to easily connect binoculars with a front tripod screw socket to any mount using a standard tripod screw.

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