CampTeck Set of 5 Latex Resistant Loop Bands for Gym Home Fitness Workout, Yoga, Pilates, Strength Injury Rehabilitation

SKU U5346
  • Pack of 5 exercise bands with different level of resistance
  • Extra Light - 2-4 pounds, Light - 4-8 pounds, Medium - 10-12 pounds, Heavy - 15-20 pounds and Extra Heavy 25-30 pounds
  • Bands can be used individually or combined to achieve the perfect level of resistance.
  • Made from high quality latex and pre-treated with talc to give an anti-friction coating. Bands size are 12" (30cm) x 2" (5cm)
  • Suitable for Men and Women of all fitness levels. Perfect for all exercises and physical therapy

The CampTeck lightweight Resistant Bands are perfect for increasing mobility, strength and suitable for fitness, and injury rehabilitation.

With 5 different levels of resistance you can gradually ease back into exercise or take on progressive training. 1 Yellow (Extra light) Band - 1 Green (Light) Band - 1 Blue (Medium) Band - 1 Red (Heavy) Band - 1 Black (X-Heavy) Band

Great for women and men of all fitness levels. Use any band individually or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance for you. Made from high quality, durable, snap resistant latex.

On the inside of each band is a Talc coating to prevent friction burn and ensure comfortable use. Can be easily transported in the compact storage bag provided, so you can use them wherever and whenever you want

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