iGadgitz Xtra Lumin Eco Dynamo Rechargeable Pop Up Collapsible LED Lantern & Torch + Emergency Charger + 3 Year Warranty

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SKU U4458
  • Pocket sized lightweight rainproof flashlight that expands into a lantern
  • USB and hand crank dynamo rechargeable
  • Emergency powerbank for USB devices upto 400mA
  • 65 lumen output with battery life of upto 4.5 hours
  • Low and high light settings with retractable handle

The iGadgitz Xtra Lumin Eco Dynamo Rechargeable Pop Up torch and lantern is perfect for all your hiking, camping, fishing, garden and outdoor adventures and can also be used indoor.

The wind-up dynamo comes in really handy when the lantern battery is drained. 1 min of cranking will give you 15 mins of usage time in torch mode.

USB charging port enables charging of your small devices e.g. smartphone, MP3 players etc.

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