iGadgitz Black Neoprene Extender Grip Strap for Sports Jogging Armbands Fitness Running Gym

SKU U3002

  • Please note this is only an extender strap for iGadgitz armbands. The armband is not supplied.
  • Armband extension strap used to increase the maximum circumference of all iGadgitz gym armband straps by around 16cm (6.25 inches).
    Makes a typical iGadgitz armband suitable for arms of up to 50cm wide.
  • Also works with other brands of running armbands with 5cm width straps.
  • Easily removable so you can wear it over a jacket or outdoor clothing, then remove it when you work out.
  • Produced from light-weight washable neoprene with silicone spots for added grip.

For those with bigger arms, or if you want a more comfortable fit when wearing your armband over a jacket or training gear, this extender is the perfect accessory to increase the size of your strap.

With silicone spots for added grip, this will also help to prevent your armband slipping while exercising.
Suitable for all iGadgitz armbands and other brands with 5cm width straps too.

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