iGadgitz Black Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Smartphone Mobile Phone

SKU U2586

  • Not suitable for Nokia Lumia 920
  • iGadgitz custom made neoprene armband for your device.
  • Produced from light-weight neoprene, it protects your phone from chips and scratches.
  • Silk Printing for the volume and power buttons to allow for full functionality during exercise
  • Secure adjustable armband - one size fits all. Minimum arm circ 26cm; Max 44cm.

This custom made water resistant armband is designed specifically for your device. Silk printing for full use of the volume controls and power button through the case. Headphone tidy to tie up headphone slack. 
Ideal for wearing to the gym or whilst jogging. Made from water resistant neoprene material. Perfect for use in the gym, jogging, cycling, beach, etc. Fully adjustable. 

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