iGadgitz Black Genuine Leather Pouch Case Cover with Elasticated Pull Tab Release System for Sony Xperia Z

SKU U2340

  • Soft touch genuine leather case with padded strong internal construction
  • Elasticated Pull tab release system for effortless removal of your phone
  • Pull Tab springs back to position on release - much more convenient and easy to use
  • Custom initial tight fit molds to your phone, ensuring it doesn’t fall out and get damaged
  • Neutral soft stain resistant anti smear microfiber inner lining suitable for black and white models.

Our leather pouch with elasticated spring back pull-tab is the ideal accompaniment to your smartphone.

An initial purpose tight fit molds to your phone ensuring that it does not fall out by accident.
This pouch has a unique elasticated pull tab. Unlike most phone pouches our pull tab springs back into position on release. This is not only easier to use but will keep the pull tab secure and less likely to snap. The pouch is made of quality genuine leather with the edges of the case sealed together and then stitched over for greater durability and improved edge protection. A soft neutral inner lining ensures your phone will not be scratched or stained and will help to clean the screen each time you pull it in and out of the case.

This leather pouch is stylish, durable and designed to be the perfect partner for your smartphone. We are sure you'll agree...

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