iGadgitz Pink Rubberised Plastic with Hard Back Case for Apple iPad Mini 16GB 32GB 64GB. With Sleep/Wake Function.

SKU U2116

  • iGadgitz custom made case for Apple iPad Mini with slimline design for optimum portability.
  • Back cover of rigid rubberised plastic to secure and protect your device.
  • Fold-out stand fully integrated into the case's front cover provides ideal angles for viewing or typing.
  • Cutouts for every port with perfect clearance for each including speaker and charger
  • Sleep/Wake technology utilises magnets to align the front cover securely and put your iPad Mini to sleep.

This case is the latest in our 'Cover Mate Plus' range for the iPad Mini - its lightweight and slimline design allows for optimum portability. The case comprises of an internal shell of rubberised plastic with a magnetic fold-out stand. The device clips into the internal shell with minimum effort.

The back of the case is made from rubberised plastic which provides secure protection and saves your iPad Mini from any knocks or scratches. The magnetic fold-out stand is fully integrated into the case and offers viewing positions in both portrait and landscape mode, great for typing or reading. Sleep/wake technology utilises magnets to put your iPad Mini to sleep when the case is closed.

Also, our design keeps the cover aligned perfectly to the screen of your iPad Mini - much neater and more secure. There are customised cut-outs for every port, sensor and button of your iPad Mini, which means you can use all its features without having to remove the tablet from the case - including the speaker and charger ports.

This case provides everything you need for your iPad Mini. Give it a try...

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