igadgitz Black Leather Pouch Case Cover for Apple iPod Touch 6th & 5th Generation

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SKU U2046
EAN: 5055644802577
    • Soft touch leather case with strong padded internal construction
    • Custom initial tight fit molds to your device ensuring it doesn’t fall out and get damaged
    • Neutral, soft, stain-resistant, anti-smear microfibre inner lining.
    • Provides that all important protection from chips and scratches.

    Our leather pouch is the ideal accompaniment to your device.

    An initial purpose tight fit molds to your device ensuring that it does not fall out by accident.

    The pouch is made of durable leather with the edges of the case sealed together and then stitched over for greater durability and improved side protection. A soft neutral inner lining ensures your device will not be scratched or stained and will help to clean the screen each time you pull it in and out of the case.

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