iGadgitz Red Luxury Genuine Leather Pouch Case Cover with Magnetic Closure for Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250

SKU U1624
  • Hand crafted slip pouch made especially for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250
  • Made from high quality, durable Genuine Leather with soft padded backing
  • Sealed edges and over stitching on edges provide greater protection
  • Soft micro fibre inner lining to protect and clean your screen
  • Magnetic closure for extra security

Our new pull tab pouch design with magnet closure means your smart phone will always sit securely in place. We started out by sourcing a top quality leather to compliment your expensive smart phone. Not only does this leather look and smell great but it’s very durable. We've poked and prodded this case with pens, coins and other pocket related paraphernalia, and believe me it holds up quite well! It’s the thin layer of padding we’ve put behind the leather that helps absorbs this abuse while at the same time giving your case a soft luxurious feel. We have made sure the pouch is a nice fit. Not too tight, not too loose.

The edges of the case have been sealed together and then stitched over for greater durability and improved edge protection. The contrast stitching, well that just looks stylish. We have made the pouch slightly taller than your smart phone. Doing this means the top edge of your phone is not exposed outside of the case. The stiff top edge of the case will then take most of the contact from any impact, saving your phone. The soft inner lining ensures your phone won’t be scratched and even gives the screen a bit of a wipe down each time you pull it in and out of the case. We have included a magnetic closure stud on this case to ad extra security to your pouch. Simply unfasten the stud and pull on the strap. Easy. The magnetic stud means no pressure on your screen when pressing shut and no unsightly when you open up the strap.

Our new executive slip pouches are hand made to look stylish, add little bulk to your pocket securely hold your Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250. Try one and you will see!

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