iGadgitz Black Genuine Leather Case Cover for Pure Move 2500 & 2520 Rechargeable Personal Digital DAB/FM Radio

SKU U1209
EAN: 5060255064283
  • Hand stitched genuine leather case with textured leather stripe
  • Customised design to fit the Pure Move 2500 and 2520 with custom cut-outs for controls and screen
  • Super slim leather belt clip that wont ever get in your way
  • Sturdy construction, felt inner lining and padded leather outer means your Pure Move is always protected
  • Magnetic closure cover makes for an even more slim lined design and no annoying strap

Our Pure Move case is made from high quality genuine leather. It has a slightly creased, warn in look to it. The way real quality leather looks. Together with the padded backing and soft felt inner lining, this means that not only will your Move look stylish and professional, but it will be better protected than if it were in some other cheaper case on the market.

Our case has a leather belt strap on the back stitched in place on one end and secured on the other using a snap stud. A more secure technique than those plastic peg clips. Not only is this a more secure method than the ‘peg’ but it means that your case wont stand out a mile from your belt!

The soft felt inner lining means that the gorgeous chrome back of your Move won’t be scratched so much and will slide in and out of your case with ease. The larger cut outs for the screen and control wheel mean that you can easily control all functions of your move and still clearly see what you are doing. 

The magnetic closure makes for ease of opening. No fiddling around with straps and studs to open your case. This also makes for a much more slim line design!

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