iGadgitz Red Genuine Leather Flip Case Cover Holder for Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2 Android Smartphone Mobile Phone

SKU U1171
  • Hand crafted flip case made especially for the Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100.
  • Made from high quality, durable Genuine Leather
  • Plastic formed backing over moulded leather provides that extra protection for your phone
  • Soft micro fibre inner lining to protect and clean your screen
  • Custom cut outs for all the phone’s features
  • Not suitable for the Galaxy i9000.

May I present to you our new executive flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Applause please. We have stepped things up a notch here in the design and manufacture of this case. We started out by sourcing a top quality genuine leather to compliment your expensive smart phone. Not only does this leather look and smell great but it’s very durable. I’ve personally poked and prodded this case with pens, coins and other pocket related paraphernalia, and believe me it holds up quite well! It’s the thin layer of padding we’ve put behind the leather that absorbs this abuse while at the same time giving your case a soft luxurious feel. I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it down the stairs, but with the back of the case made from strong moulded plastic, it will protect your phone from every day drops (from more realistic heights) and the occasional tantrum.

We have customised the cut-outs for the rear camera and speakers. While phones are continuing to shrink, sadly fingers are not, so we have created very generous cutaways for the power button and volume controls. In contrast to the tough exterior is the soft micro fibre inner lining. This protects the outer surface of your phone and screen from scratches, while actually keeping it clean. The quick release hook means you won’t be fumbling around trying to undo stubborn studs to answer that important call. Simply pull back on the edge of the hook and your ready in a flash to answer that important business call. Or hide from the debt collectors...

Our flip case is slim, stylish and durable and the quality of manufacture is very good. I have been through several samples to personally make sure of this. I have no doubt you will be happy to have this case for your phone. Give it a try and see if you don’t agree.

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