CampTeck Ballet Equipment Kit - Elastic Stretch Band & Dance Turning Board Ballet Pirouette Spin Board for Ballet Dancer

  • Ballet stretching bands made of premium latex, strong and durable
  • The dance turning board will help to you to build your confidence and develop your dancing turn and spin silk and speed
  • Two different band sizes perfect for adults (145cm/57" and taller) and teen/kids (145cm/57" and shorter)
  • Size of 11.3" x 3.6" x 1.2" / 28.8x9.3x3.3cm wide enough for any foot. Suitable for anyone below 80kg/175lbs and all level of dancer
  • With curve bottom design for minimum floor friction whilst enabling dancers to complete more turns
  • Turning Board
    CampTeck spin board use thick foam; make you feel comfortable while you are using the item. The outer material is nylon which is a harder and better material; the product life is longer than other ABS turning boards.

    Warning! Please read before use:
    Product is only suitable for use with a suitable board, practice mat or floor protector similar to an office chair floor protector (not supplied). The turning motion and heat generated by this product will damage soft and hard floorings if used without a protector. The manufacturer and distributor assume no liability for any damage caused to floor surfaces.

    Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only suitable for use by children aged over 3 years old with adult supervision. Supports weights of up to 80kg/175lbs. Ensure the area 2m around you is clear of fall/impact hazards. It is recommended that you consult a sports professional/trainer before using the equipment. Anyone with underlying health conditions should consult a medical professional before use.

    Product is used entirely at user's own risk and liability. You may become dizzy from the spinning motion. Stop and sit down if experiencing dizziness or nausea. Not suitable for anyone that suffers from severe motion sickness.

    Stretching Band
    The CampTeck stretching band is ideal for ballet, contemporary dance, cheerleading, stretching, gymnastics and any other sport where flexibility and mobility is required.

    With two different lengths, one is for over 145cm user and one is for less than 145cm user (the thickness and width is the same).

    Made from natural latex with loop design. Supplied with a carrying bag, suitable to use at home, gym, studio and wherever you want to practice

    Sizes & Measurements
    1.5mm x150cmx3.5cm / 0.05" x 59" x 1.3" (Depth/Thickness x Circumference x Width)
    1.5mm x225cmx3.5cm / 0.05" x 88" x 1.3" (Depth/Thickness x Circumference x Width)

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