CampTeck Garden Waste Bag Polypropylene Heavy Duty Reusable Garden Refuse Sack

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SKU U6887
  • Large refuse sack ideal for car transporting grass cuttings, leaves and wood from the yard and garden
  • Made from durable, tear-resistant and water-repellent polypropylene fabric
  • 4 robust cross stitching carry handles. Including flexible ring for the upper edge to increase stability
  • Portable and Foldable: easy to carry. Ideal for lot lightweight garden waste
  • Measurements: 120L: 300g, Height 71cm, Ø42 cm – 300L: 400g, Height 80cm, Ø64 cm – 500L : 540g, Height 98cm, Ø76 cm
  • The CampTeck heavy duty refuse sacks is a great for car transporting, a lot and light waste such as leaves, wilted parts of plants or stems of roses, shrubs and trees.

    Made with 150gr polypropylene. The material is robust, tear-resistant and water-repellent.

    4 handle per waste bag. This guarantees better access from each side. Each handle is double-sewn with the 6-fold cross stitch. The included stabilizing ring keeps the opening of the bag wide.

    If the bags are not in use, you can fold them small, since there are no bulky spring-loaded springs.

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