CampTeck Elastic Shoelaces with Locking System ideal for Kids Elderly Runners Sports, Trainer Shoes Marathon (1 Pair)

SKU U6601
  • EASY TO USE: No-Tie shoelaces are convenient and easy to use. Slipped on and off quickly and safely your shoes and eliminate the risk of untied shoelaces.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION: Quick and simple one-time installation. Insert, adjust and cut. Come with instruction.
  • COMFORTABLE and ROBUST: High quality 120cm elastic cords, it can help you distribute pressure of laces evenly over your feet
  • TIGHT AND REFLECTIVE: The highly reflective laces are a great safety feature. Strong lace locks keep your laces at perfect tightness
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: Perfect for general use and for huge range of sports and outdoor activities - running, walking, hiking, soccer, triathlon, cycling, golf, tennis and basketball.

The CampTeck self-tie shoe laces is designed to improve practicality and performance and reducing the time and trouble involved in tying regular shoe laces.

Made of high quality elastic cords with a stainless steel spring in the lock, very comfort and robust. 120 cm long, easy to install and one size fits.

Just insert like regular laces, adjust using the stopper lock, and cut to fit your feet.

A time-saving option for athletes, simple-to-use alternative for children, and a comfortable choice for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

No more laces coming undone during your run, cycle or gym sessions.

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