CampTeck 2x Dual Sided Gliding Discs Core Sliders for Home Fitness Abdominal Full Body Exercises – Carpet & Hard Floors

SKU U6575
EAN: 5055644846311
  • Our fitness core sliders give you an intense abdominal and entire body workout and also help building core strength
  • The gliding discs are double sided with a fabric side for hard floor surfaces e.g. wood or tile, and plastic side for soft floors such as Carpet or Rug
  • Made from durable and lightweight plastic. Discs are EVA foam on one side and hard plastic on the other.
  • Weighs only 190g making them fully portable and easy to use anywhere, anytime. Used entirely at the users own risk.
  • Easy to add into your existing routine like Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic, Strength Training, and Weight Training.

The CampTeck core slider discs are your fully versatile and portable piece of accessory to get a full body workout.

They can be used to target all muscle groups from chest to legs These core slider workout discs are double sided, can use on both carpet floors and hard floors such as wood, ceramic or tiles.

Our exercise core sliders are very light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel.

Take them to the gym or if it's more time efficient and convenient, stay at home and still get a great home workout in

Use these exercise gliding discs for gym, core strengthening, athletic conditioning, physical therapy, yoga, dance, balance training and more.

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