iGadgitz 3 in 1 Pop Up LED Camping Lantern + Flashlight + Emergency Light

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  • 3in1 lightweight, durable pop-up lantern fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Bright white 90 lumen LED light with three brightness settings – dim, bright and flashing
  • Flip-Up carrying handle can be used to hang the lantern from the roof of your tent
  • Great for camping, outdoors, hiking, fishing, emergencies, and more
  • Uses 3 x AA batteries (not supplied)

Camping is, as all happy campers will know, the perfect activity for the warm summer months. What better way to unwind than sleeping under the stars, next to a campfire, after a BBQ and some delicious s’mores?

However, sometimes camping can be tricky due to the sheer amount of stuff you need to take with you – from tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, to three different kinds of light. We are all avid campers and have scoured the globe looking for solutions to this problem – and have found what we believe to be the perfect product to help you, a durable 3 in 1 pop-up camping light that will fulfil all your outdoor lighting needs.

FLASHLIGHT - When closed, the light can be held in the palm of your hand, or with the handy carrying handle, and used as a focussed single beam flashlight. Just what you need for those midnight trips to the shower block!

LANTERN - Twist the flashlight, and it pops up to reveal a 90-lumen 360 degree LED lantern bright enough to light your whole tent. It’s protected by a fine, bug-proof mesh that softens the light, giving off a welcoming glow. Two light settings – bright and dimmed – enable you to create the effect you need. Use the carrying handle to hang the light from the roof of your tent.

FLASHING LIGHT – great for emergencies, car breakdowns, or just a disco party in your tent, the intermittent flash setting is bright enough to attract all the attention you’ll need.

We are very proud of our fantastic 3in1 camping lantern, (so much so that most of our staff members have bought a few!) – buy one for every room in your tent – we have!

WARNING – this lantern has intermittent flashing lights, so care should be taken if photosensitive or epileptic.

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