iGadgitz 2nd Generation Selfie Stick with Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter & Zoom Control for Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4

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  • Taking selfies just got even easier with the iGadgitz Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth remote shutter and lens zoom in/out controllers.
  • Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 (can be used for other phones for shutter control only). Easy set up in seconds. No app required. Use to take pictures, start/stop video capture and zoom in/out.
  • Strong, durable and lightweight Aluminium pole with 6 lockable positions. Folded height of 23.5cm.
  • Extends to over 1 metre in length to the ball head, with adjustable ball head and thumb screw allowing multi angle shooting and 180 degree positioning.
  • Contoured grip for extra comfort and safety. Built-in rechargeable battery.

Take the perfect self-portrait with the iGadgitz Bluetooth Selfie Stick (2nd Generation) with in-built shutter control and zoom in/out buttons. Use to take still photos and start/stop video on in-built camera.

Easily compose the perfect picture without needing to touch your screen using the zoom in and out buttons. 1 hours’ charge of the built-in rechargeable battery gives 100 hours of standby time for your selfie stick. Simply pair the stick with your Samsung Android phone, then secure it to the adjustable head, open your photo app, extend and say cheese.

Don’t forget to include your friends in your photos… Why carry round a selfie stick and separate remote shutter? Go All-in-one!

Whether you’re at a festival, concert or just out and about, you won’t want to leave your Bluetooth selfie stick behind. It’s Self-Easy!

Compatibility: Selfie Stick

Compatible for smartphones that are a minimum of 4.5cm (1.77 inches) in width to a maximum of 7.5cm (2.95 inches) in width.

Such Devices include :

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. Other smartphones can be used with the selfie stick, but only the shutter release button can be used; the zoom buttons will not work.

Pole Length

Shortest (to Ball Head): 9.25 inches (23.5cm)
Longest (to Ball Head): 39.5 inches (100.5cm)
6x Lockable extension lengths Maximum weight 500g

Compatibility: Remote Shutter

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick is compatible with Android and iOS Devices from 2010 onwards that operate Bluetooth 3.0 or higher.

• Compatible with Android 4.2.2 OS or newer and iOS 6.0 or newer
• The stick is designed to work with in-built camera applications. Other third party camera Apps can be used but some functions may not work.

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