iGadgitz Home Washable Reusable Puppy Pads, Dog Training Pads, Puppy Training Pads, Pet Pee Pads, dog pee mat (Pack of 2)

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EAN: 5055644853173

  • Our dog pee pads come in two sizes: 60cm x 45cm (23.6" x 17.7"), 276g (9.7oz) and 90cm x 80cm (35.4" x 31.5"), 700g (34.7oz). Our washable puppy pads are made from durable polyester and come in colour grey as a pack of 2 pads.
  • Our dog pee mat is designed to help teach your puppy to toilet housetrain in a focused area indoors while outdoor training is not possible or as a combination of the two. Our puppy pad is multilayered, highly absorbent and prevents spread while locking in the moisture and odours from animal urine
  • The dog pee pad is perfect to prevent unwanted puddles on your floors, carpets, rugs, and furniture and can also be used to line crates, play pens, carriers or in the car space. The puppy training pad is also handy when away or travelling with your pet.
  • Our puppy pee pads are fully re-usable machine and hand washable and results in less waste and cost than disposable versions. The dog puppy pads have a non-slip rubber dot backing to keep it in place while your pet is using.
  • The dog potty training pads are ideal for your puppy training regime but also suitable for dogs, cat, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets as well as elderly pets with incontinence or as a whelping mat for female dogs with pups. The washable dog pee pads can also be used for food areas to reduce mess of surrounding surfaces.

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