igadgitz home U7260 Faraday Box, Signal Blocking Box and 2 x Faraday Pouches, RFID Key Pouch Set Kit - Black

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EAN: 5055644853166


  • The car key signal blocker box has an external size of 16cm x 12cm x 9.5cm (6.32 x 4.7" x 3.7"), internal size of 14.5cm x 10.5cm x 7.5cm (5.7" x 4.1" x 2.95"). The key signal blocker box is made from MDF wood and PU Leather outer and comes in black. The 2 x faraday key pouches have a size of 10cm x 14cm (5.5" x 3.9") and are PU leather and come in black. Total weight is 409 g (14.4oz) for entire set
  • Our key signal blocker kit is designed to shield your RFID and remote keyless entry technology items, protecting them within a faraday cage in both our box and pouches. The RFID key safe blocks keyless entry, contactless and other electromagnetic radio frequency technologies up to 960 MHz from being intercepted. Note it does not block microwave cellular mobile signals.
  • The faraday cage box has a stronger shield for your items and is intended to sit in your home and can hold 6-8 car keys, payment and access cards, fobs and other items. The anti theft key box has a stylish PU Leather exterior.
  • The key signal blocker pouch is suitable for use when outside and on the move, each car key signal blocker pouch has a pocket for keys and payment or access cards. The faraday pouch for car keys can fit in your pocket or carried in a bag and is light and portable.
  • Our faraday box and pouch for car keys can assist as part of an overall home and outdoor security strategy in avoiding potential theft by preventing interception of signals from car keys and other electromagnetic radio frequency items. NOTE: Ensure the box and the pouches are completely closed for effective protection.

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