igadgitz home 2-Way Shoe Stretchers, Shoe Expander, Shoe Shaper with Bunion Plugs, Height Pad and Drawstring Bag

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  • Our shoe widener stretcher is designed to lengthen or widen shoes that pinch when tight and feel uncomfortable. The shoe stretcher can stretch both length and width ways simultaneously. The shoes stretcher also has specific solutions for reducing pressure from bunions, corns, and enlarged joints in the form of bunion plugs and height pads for enlarging insteps
  • Shoe stretchers for women, size: UK: 3-7.5, EU: 35.5-41.5, US; 5-9.5. Fully open and stretched size 36cm x 10 cm (14.2” x 3.9”). Closed and retracted size 40.5cm x 7.5cm (15.9” x 3”). Weight 838g (30oz)
  • Shoe stretchers for men, size: UK: 6-11, EU: 39.5-46, US: 7-12. Fully open and stretched size 40cm x 12.5cm (15.7” x 4.9”). Closed and retracted size 43.5cm x 9cm (17.1” x 3.5”). Weight 964g (34oz)
  • The shoe stretch comes with 8 x bunion plugs 3cm x 1.7cm (1.2” x 0.7”) which fit into holes on the sides of the stretcher and 2 x height pads 5.5cm x 5cm x 2.5 (2.16” x 2” x 1”). The shoe extender also comes with a drawstring carry bag for storage and travel
  • Our shoe tree stretcher is suitable for most shoes, but not suitable for ankle boots, tall boots or high heels greater than 6cm (2.36”). The shoe widener is easily extended by turning the length screw or turning the j shaped crank to expand the width. Ideally stretch the shoe a little bit at a time over a 24-to-48-hour period until you have the desired fit and comfort

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