CampTeck U7259 3-Piece Multi-Angle Foam Fitness Slant Board, Squat Wedge, Squat board, Incline Board, Stretch Wedge, Calf Stretcher - Black

SKU U7259
EAN: 5055644853159

  • The squat wedge block comes in 3 sections - 1 x large wedge 31cm x 16cm x 11cm (12.2" x 6.3" x 4.3") and 2 x small wedges 31cm x 16cm x 5.5cm (12.2" x 6.3" x 2.2"). The total weight of the combined wedges is 300g (10.6oz). Our squat ramp is made from heavy duty EPP Foam and comes in black
  • Our squatting wedge is designed to improve lower body strength including knees, ankles, calves, and hips and can assist in enhancing weight training exercises. Achieve deeper squats or extend stretches for pre or post workouts or improved flexibility.
  • The slant board squat wedge can be arranged into four angles of either 8.5°, 17°, 25.5° or 34° for gradual adjustable incline to target varying muscle groups during stretches or workouts including squats, lunges, calf raises and more. The adjustable squat wedges can be used singularly or as a pair.
  • The slant board calf stretcher is suitable for home use or visits to a gym or class and can be used indoors or outside. The hamstring stretcher wedge is easy to clean and is waterproof and has a non-slip surface for added grip
  • Our gym squat wedge is suitable for both men and women and is perfect for novices and experts. The fitness slant board can be combined into a rectangular bloc for easy storage or transport and can fit in a gym bag easily. Warning: Adults use only. Product is not suitable for children under 14. Only suitable for persons weighing under 200kg/440lbs

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