CampTeck U7249 2-in-1 Length Tricep Rope, Multi Gym Accessory, Pull Down Rope with Double Handle with 8mm Carabiner - Black

SKU U7249
EAN: 5055644853050

  • Our 2 in 1 tricep rope cable attachment has a total strap length of 65cm (25.59"), with a strap width of 5cm (1.96"). The rope pull down has 2 x handles each side. The longer handle length is 65cm (25.59") and short length 19cm (7.48"). Total Weight 300g (10.58oz).
  • Our double lat pull down rope is designed as a replacement to single length standard pull down rope with integrated 2-in-1 lengths. Our tricep rope strap extends range of motion by its additional length and flexibility to wrap around behind the body on exercise movements. Switch between lengths during workouts for different muscle group targeting
  • The 2 in 1 tricep rope cable has two straps connected to a strong D-ring, which can be attached quickly and conveniently to workout machines with the supplied 8mm thick carabiner. The looped straps are lined with neoprene foam enabling comfort and grip, minimising slippage due to sweat and hand grip fatigue.
  • Our two-length triceps rope is suitable for all body sizes and can be used by men and women. Our gym tricep rope can transform your triceps, arms, back, abs, glutes and more. Our tricep pushdown rope is suitable for use at home and in the gym and ideal for bodybuilding and strength training
  • Our double tricep pull down rope is lightweight compared to rope and metal versions and can easily fold into your gym bag or carried in hand when travelling to and from the gym. Our tricep strap is made from strong and durable polypropylene fibre and suitable to attach to universal multi gym systems and cable machines.

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