CampTeck U7248 Hedgehog Balance Pods, Half Dome Spiky Balance Balls, Balance Training Equipment with Hand Pump - 2 pack - Blue

SKU U7248
EAN: 5055644853043

  • Our half ball balance pod has a size of 16cm (6.3") in diameter x 10cm (4") in height. Weight 540g (19oz). Comes in Colour blue and as a set of 2. Our balance domes are made from thick durable plastic and comes with a hand pump for easy inflation and full instructions.
  • Our half ball exercise balance trainer is designed to assists your training by generating compensating micro muscle movements to improve balance and coordination, while stimulating micro tensing of muscles to improve your strength and stability.
  • Our balance pod has a Semi-sphere dome design with a spikey soft textured surface for grip, massage, and to stimulate blood flow to the skin surface. The half ball balance trainer can be used dome or flat side down to challenge your exercise routines and for varying benefits.
  • The balancing pods are great for strengthening your lower body - feet, ankles, legs, and core when used with standing and squat exercises, plus your upper body if used with your hands to complement push ups, planking, yoga, pilates and more.
  • Our pimpled balance pods for exercise are suitable for all foot sizes for both men and women and great for indoor and outdoor workouts. Our balance pod domes can be used in the gym, at home or on the go and easily fits in a bag for transport. Warning: Adults use only. Product is not suitable for children under 14. Only suitable for persons weighing under 160kg/352lbs.

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