CampTeck U7154 Sports Cones, Sport traffic Cones, Football Cones -Multicolour -12pcs

SKU U7154

EAN: 5055644852107

  • Our training cones come in a pack of 12: 3 x cones per colour: red, yellow, green and blue. Our sport marker cones come in the following size: base 13.5cm x 13.5cm (5.3" x 5.3"), height 23cm (9"). Weight, approx. 70g (2.5oz) each, 12pcs total approx. 840g (30oz).
  • Our cones for sports games are designed to use on outdoor playgrounds, grass and artificial pitches, or hard courts in gymnasiums and sport halls. The sport cones are great for enhancing, speed, agility and footwork skills for football, soccer, rugby, hockey and similar field training sports.
  • The slalom cones are made from lightweight and durable PE plastic material, which makes them flexible, resilient to knocks and accidental bending and squashing and resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Our PE marker cones comes in 4 different and vibrant colours and allows users to see the cones clearly on the ground, different colours can be used for different goal points, running lines, drill points, circuit markers, track and field boundaries, side-lines and more.
  • Our rugby cones are perfect for schools, colleges, universities, leisure facilities, or sports field coaches and personal trainers. The football cones training set can also be used for animal training, equine sports, or motor vehicle manoeuvring. Our cone dog training aid has a fully stackable design, easy to store away when not in use and easy to transport

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