CampTeck U5352 LED Safety Clip-On 3 Modes Night Light Pendant for Sports & Camping -White

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SKU U5352@U4692
EAN: 5055644834066

  • Water-resistant clip-on LED light.
  • 3 light modes: continuous, fast and slow strobe. Good visibility so that you will be seen from a safe distance.
  • Supplied with easy-to-change CR2032 batteries.
  • Safety clip is easy to attach to clothing, a helmet, a backpack or bicycle.
  • Weighs just 13g

The CampTeck Clip-On LED light will keep you safe whether you are into outdoor sports, dog walking or cycling. This product could be a life saver!

Water-resistant so you can run, cycle or walk in any weather. Secure clip easily attaches to belt, apparel, gear or safety equipment.

Three light modes - constant, fast and slow flashing giving you visibility in all light conditions. Supplied with CR2032 battery that can be easily replaced. Available in different colours.

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