3in1 Golf Club Brush - Dual Sided Nylon & Steel Brush Golf Club Cleaner plus Groove Spike and attaching Retractable String Carabiner Black & Blue

SKU U6838
EAN: 5055644848940

  • The golf club cleaning brush size is: Length 19.5cm (7.7"), Width 3.5cm (1.4"), and Weighing 62g (2.2oz). Retractable string length is 65cm (25.6")
  • Two sided brush design for golf club cleaning, one side is softer nylon bristles for drivers and fairway woods/hybrids; the other is harder wire bristles for quick cleaning of irons
  • At the head of the golf club cleaning brush is a spike for cleaning deep into club face grooves and also golf shoes. The spike has a safety cap when not in use
  • The golf club groove cleaner has its own metal carabiner for attaching to your golf bag, with a convenient 65cm (25.6") retractable string line to pull to your club or shoes when required without the need to unclip each time
  • The golf club cleaning tool's handle has an ergonomic design and made of rubber to fit in the hand tightly and comfortably while being lightweight, portable and durable for repeated use on the fairway

The CampTeck golf club cleaner brush has a metal carabiner to attach to a bag, with a retractable string line to pull to your club or shoes. The brush handle has an ergonomic rubber design, fits tightly and comfortably in hand, while being lightweight, portable and durable.

This 3 in 1 tool is a great addition to your golfing kit and removes mud, sand and grass. Cleaning regularly helps club performance, accuracy, distance and your overall game.

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