Optix Pro V Shape Hot Shoe Triple Mount Bracket for SLR DSLR Camera Flash, Microphone & LED Lighting

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SKU U6325
EAN: 5055644843808
  • Made from sturdy and lightweight aluminium
  • The bottom of the shoe, can be installed directly on the camera or camcorder
  • Compact and portable, convenient to store and carry
  • Maximum load 1.5Kg. Width 6.6" (17cm) x height 5.5" (14cm)
  • 3 Hot shoe mounts in a V shape allows you to attached your flash, Mic or LED light to your camera

The Optix Pro V Shape Triple Shoe Mounts can be used to attached a microphone, flash hot shoe interface adapter, LED camera lights to your camera

The bracket mounts to the underside of your Camera or Camcorder, the equipment can still be mounted further to a tripod/Light stand with the 1/4" threaded hole Great portability, easy to bring with you in any situation.

If you're pressed for time in setting up tripod for accessories, or you don't want to be so fully-loaded for simple shootings, this bracket can make the optimal backup for holding your accessories.

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