Optix Pro Binocular Metal Adapter Mount for Tripods with 1/4 Inch Screw Thread

SKU U5515
  • Mount adaptor for binoculars. Fit tripods with ¼" screw thread
  • Great for hands-free viewing, making it ideal for nature viewing
  • Made from durable metal. Lightweight and portable
  • Provides a secure base near the center of the binoculars and eliminate image-shake
  • Fits any binocular with a tripod mounting socket (Usually situated between the large objective lenses under a plastic cap where you will find a metal threaded socket)

The Optix Pro tripod adapter allows you to mount binoculars to a tripod, monopod or window mount.

Perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, viewing wildlife, bird-watching and sport events. This useful adapter attaches to the centre hinge of any binoculars with 1/4 inch hole.

Mounts to any tripod equipped with a standard 1/4 inch mounting bolt

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