iGadgitz Black EVA Zipper Carrying Hard Case Cover for Digital Voice Recorders (Internal Dimensions: 125x50x22mm)

SKU U6584
  • iGadgitz travel pouch designed for handheld Dictaphones
  • Made from lightweight & durable EVA material
  • Supplied with hand strap for easy transportation
  • strap securely keep your device in place.
  • Protect your voice recorder from bumps and scratches. Internal dimensions of 125x50x22mm

The iGadgitz EVA hard cover is designed to fit your Digital Voice Recorder. Made from high quality and shock resistant EVA.

Compact and functional hard case keeps items safe and extremely portable. Lightweight and portable with a wrap-around zip and strap for additional security.

Suitable for most brands including:

AngLink 8GB Digital Voice Recorder
Btopllc 8GB Digital Voice Recorder
EIVOTOR 8GB Digital Voice Recorder
EVISTR Digital Voice Activated Recorder
GHB Voice Recorder Portable Dictaphone
Goodeen 8GB Digital Voice Recorder
HccToo 8GB Multifunctional Digital Voice Recorder
Olympus DS-40 Digital Voice Recorder
Olympus VN-741PC MP3 Digital Voice Recorder
Philips DVT4000 Voice Tracer Digital Recorder
Sony ICD-BX140 Digital Mono HVXC/MP3 Voice Recorder
Sony ICD-PX240 4GB Digital Voice Recorder
Sony ICD-PX370 4GB Digital Voice Recorder
Sony ICD-UX560 Digital Stereo MP3/LPCM Voice Recorder
Trustin Rechargeable 8GB Digital Audio Voice Recorder

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