iGadgitz Xtra Wind Up, Solar, & USB Rechargeable Portable AM/FM Radio with 3 Year Warranty

SKU U4457
EAN: 5055644825095
  • Charge via eco-friendly solar or dynamo and USB with hi-fidelity built-in speaker
  • Pocket sized (13x7x4cm), lightweight (203g), with rugged durable design and finish
  • Internal 300mAh 2.4v long life battery with up to 7hrs playback. Continuous with Solar or Wind Up
  • Analogue international AM/FM frequencies, with telescopic aerial and 3.5mm jack for earphones
  • Includes multi-language manual and USB power cable

Simple to use and perfect for Camping, Hiking, Walking, Caravanning, Fishing, Home and Garden use.

Chargeable via 3 power sources for continuous use in all environments; Eco friendly Solar or dynamo and USB.

Compatible with charging from external battery packs and car DC USB chargers.

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